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Dear Parents,
With the death of your child, life is confronting you with the greatest and most painful experience humans have to endure. When facing infinite sorrow, neither words nor assurances, close ties nor emotions offer relief and re-assurance. Great emptiness, despair and stillness envelops you and it seems as if a part of yourself died with the beloved child. The only emotion is infinite pain flooding body and soul tearing the heart and only the feeling of utter helplessness remains. Every day brings more fear than hope, and time which supposedly heals all wounds, becomes an enemy rather then bringing relief. The question \"why\" tortures your thoughts and you are desperately searching for something or someone to explain the inexplicable.

The knowledge, that many families before you have suffered this sorrow, will not bring much relief but might kindle a glimmer of hope for the future, giving strength, for the next hour, for a new day.

A \"fellow traveler\" to accompany you through these sad and painful days might help you to endure the next days and months. Words probably will not lighten your burden, but perhaps practical help with small, everyday tasks, which at the moment seem unsurmountable to you. At times it is soothing to know that your emotions during this time are normal, that others experience the same pain and that suffering are a part of mourning, To heal this deep wound, you need time...: the time to find a new way, a new purpose to life, time to re-orient yourself, time to take charge of your own life again. To claim this time to re-adjust is the privilege of every mourner. To show respect and understanding during this period of mourning is the duty of all.

The SCISMA is committed to extend this assistance and support to all families who mourn the loss of a child.

We offer without charge:

  • A personal meeting in your house or wherever you wish.
  • Practical and organizational help with funerals, contact with agencies, help in the household and child care.
  • Assistance with governmental agencies, physicians, pathologists, police, etc.
  • We are on call 24 hours.
  • Mourning accompaniment
  • We make appointments with legal advisers.
  • We make appointments with physicians and psychologists who have experience working with mourners.
  • Monthly meetings with afflicted families (self help group.) Woking with your very personal needs.
  • Making time for you whenever you need us.