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If the fragile thread of life tears, we lose part of our soul. This might be just a feeling, an emotion or even something in which we had believed up to this moment. Tears the thread of life of a child or a young boy or girl, the part we lose is large and we feel sorrow, confusion and painful memories. Nobody remains untouched when confronted with the death of a young person, not even first responders such as physicians, fire-fighters and police who frequently meet death pursuing their daily work.
The burden of sorrow inflicted on the mourning family is the impression most commonly perceived and remembered, resulting in a feeling of helplessness, as nobody can take over or lighten the terrible load from the mourners' shoulders. In moments like this, doubts arise, doubts about one's values and beliefs, one's decisions and even doubts about one's choice of profession.
Confronted by the immense suffering of the mourners, and the failure to relieve any of their sorrow, many professionals feel without recourse, and their paralysis completely isolates them unless they meet somebody who experienced the same or a similar loss.

First responders quite often have no way to replace the images of despair last seen, with more positive impressions. This does not have to be! Many families are willing to share their feelings and experiences with the people who were close when their child died, perhaps not directly, but in most cases with the help of a third, trusted person. It is understood, that even after deep despair without hope, these families have a future, a future of renewed hope and a ray of light. For all professionals, it is equally important to learn about the first painful steps the mourning family is taking and to know, no matter how heavy the burden of loss, that there is hope for them. To obtain this knowledge is the right and privilege of first responders.

The Foundation, SCISMA was created to support all families mourning the loss of a child, to be at their side during the sorrowful road of mourning and to help them in any possible way.

  • Part of our voluntary services are also meant to assist the first responders and comprise the following Immediate help for the family \"Taking care\" of the family while the first responders are still on site, so that the roles of the professionals and ours merge.
  • We are on call 365 days and 24 hours a day through the Ticino soccorso.
  • We are on call to assist families who lost an infant, a child or a juvenile up to age twenty-one (excepting violent crimes, which are covered by the organization for aid to the victims.) Exchange and support between parents and professional workers
    We arrange for you:
  • Personal meetings between professionals and SCISMA volunteers Information concerning mourning and work with mourners.
  • Informational sessions addressing death of a child, death of a juvenile We complement your internal educational programs addressing death of children and juveniles, with your priorities and at your convenience.